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Life Script Restructuring

A Lesson for Individuals and Families. A Methodology for Therapists.
CBT Slides

Clinical Applications of
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

At this site, you can purchase and download a set of “CBT Homework Assignments” and/or, download free handouts that go with Dr Cole’s 1-Day and/or 3-Day CBT training courses. All three documents are in a full color, PDF format.

If you purchase one of Dr Cole’s books displayed here you can receive a free copy of the “CBT Homework Assignments” (a $35 value) for no cost by emailing a picture of your receipt or the book you purchased to

CBT Homework

1 Day CBT Training

3 Day CBT Training


True Psychology

The Methodology for Practicing Therapists and their Clients


True Psychology was written with both therapists and their clients in mind. It provides a detailed description of the most popular cognitive reappraisal techniques, including CBT, REBT, DBT and LSR.

True Psychology also includes a number of tools and exercises (homework assignments) that can help therapists teach their clients how to apply these principles to the therapeutic process.

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“If you are willing to write a new life script, these techniques will permanently rewire your thinking and change your life for good.”

Dr. Galen Cole


Change You

A Scientific Approach to Recovery


Dr. Cole’s newest book is his most direct method yet for addressing your problems in a methodical and scientific way.

Anyone’s brain can adapt in unhealthy ways that result in bad habits and addictions. If you want to beat your bad habits, Change You is a quick onramp to a new and better you.

Your brain can readapt to more healthy thought and behavioral patterns that lead to good habits. For less than a Caramel Flan Crème Frappuccino, you can start to change your life for the better.


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Life Script Restructuring

The Guidebook for Individuals



Dr. Galen Cole walks you through his four-act process that systematically identifies and replaces long-held, counterproductive behaviors with an all-new life script that guides your thoughts and actions, and opens the door to fully realizing your true potential.

 Write An All New Life Script

 Better Understand Yourself and Others

 Become Your Highest and Best Self

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Precious Time

The How-to Guide for Parents



Dr. Galen Cole’s systematic approach to raising kids with character, tailored to your family structure and needs.

Effective parenting is all about imparting the knowledge, skills, abilities, and character traits required to live a fulfilling, productive life.

Dr. Cole, therapist and father of five, helps you systematically develop and implement parenting skills that result in healthy, happy, and responsible children of all ages.


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Life Script Restructuring

The Proven, Scientific Approach to a Better Life

Dr. Galen Cole’s LIFE SCRIPT RESTRUCTURING program, inspired by his work as a consultant for Hollywood screenwriters, guides you through the process of writing, and internalizing, a new life script in a way that enables you to become your highest and best self.

Develop a personalized life script that produces positive thoughts and actions.

  Unlearn negative ways of thinking and living.

  Revise the inner story-lines that undermine your success and happiness.


“Through my many years of research, I have discovered that anyone can change their life for the better.”

Dr. Galen Cole


Dr. Galen Cole

An Internationally Recognized Leader in the Positive Psychology Movement


While many other branches of psychology tend to focus on dysfunction and abnormal behavior, positive psychology is centered on helping people become healthier and happier.

In addition to his private practice as a licensed counselor, board certified psychotherapist, and hypnotherapist, Dr. Cole has an extensive background serving public and private health organizations across the globe. For 23 years he served in a number of research and leadership capacities at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. He currently serves as a Senior Mental Health Strategist and Thought Leader at the American Institutes for Research.

With the creation of LIFE SCRIPT RESTRUCTURING, Dr. Cole now offers a series of books aimed at helping people live better, fuller lives — for themselves, the ones they love, and the communities in which they live.